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All Creatures Great and Small

Summary by Melissa Harward

Lions and tigers and bears and chickens and coyotes and beavers, oh my! Rabbit Box storytellers brought the whole animal kingdom to May’s “All Creatures Great and Small.” Sean Polite, who joined us back in November as a storyteller was our Master of Ceremonies of the evening. He kicked things off by identifying the spirit animal of each of our presenters, which included a horse, a guinea pig, and even a vulture. Read about the night’s creature tales here:

In the first story of the night, naturalist Tommy Tye examined the way animals have taught him to be still over the years, enabling him to explore and share their world.

Our crackerjack storyteller of the evening was Evelyn Mackenzie, who introduced us to Bob the chicken.

Almost every little girl, at some point, asks Santa for a pony for Christmas. Despite her mother’s fear of horses, Mel Cochran Davis was no different.

Wildlife rehabilitator Thomas Guillebeau delighted the audience with a hilarious tale of a beaver rescue that quickly gets out of hand.

Through her work at UGA’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Lynsey Jackson lends a calming hand to those creatures who stress about treatment. After traveling to a wildlife park in Thailand, Lynsey met an elephant who really needed her help.

Sometimes old cats can teach us new lessons. Loren Hansen described how he learned resilience from his cat, Skeeter.

Sometimes the natural world reminds us there are unseen reasons for everything. Sarah Hubbard shared her story of a quiet dawn interrupted by one of these surprises.

Few relationships come close to those that we have with our pets. They are there for us even in the toughest of times, wagging tails at the door or a soft bell around the corner. In this tribute, Rachel LoPilato remembers her cat, Mia.

Virginia Baumgartner ended the night in laughter as she told us of the many mischievous undertakings of a Basset Hound named Dupree.

Rabbit Box returns in June with “Tying the Knot – Wedding Stories” and in July with “On the Run.”

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