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by Nikaela Frederick

“Metamorphosis” is defined in Webster’s as a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances. This was a fitting theme for the first Rabbit Box of 2019 on Wednesday, January 9th. Ryder Crosby, a local business owner and memorable storyteller who shared his own story of transformation in the Rabbit Box “Skin Deep” show, was a fitting host.

With her big personality, Christy Lin started off the show with a bang. Though her story began with a comedic tone, her unfolding experience became a serious teaching moment about seeking alternative forms of healing beyond traditional Western medicine and the importance of addressing our problems at the roots.

Asynaka was born by a different name, which he identifies as a different person than the true self he has found in his rebirth and new moniker.

Carrol Perrin discovered her true calling through a bizarre two-day encounter with a man whose claims seemed too good to be true. Now a criminal defense lawyer, she works to help people who may not be able to share their truths out loud due to trauma but show in their actions what they need.   

Paul Guillebeau, a local entomologist, equates the word metamorphosis with his speciality: insects. He brought a unique approach to the topic and a little comic relief to the show in his story centered something he left in his car after a show-and-tell session in class.

Shannon Foley Martinez challenged the audience with the question: “Do you believe that people are more than the worst things they do?” She recounted some of the awful things she had done when she was younger but told how she had changed and who had helped bring her around. She now counts the likes of ex-gang members and ex-terrorists as her closest friends as they work side by side to spread messages of justice and equality to bring healing to the masses.   

Krystle Cobran grew up believing that she was destined to be a doctor like her mother. She was devastated when she realized early in her college years that a career in medicine wasn’t her true life passion after all. After years of set-backs (and triumphs), she now realizes that she is enough just the way she is and finds fulfillment in helping people transform difficult conversations into connection and belonging. To sum up, Krystal said, “Sometimes when we don’t become who we thought we should be, we discover who we actually are.” 

After dealing with bouts of two different types of cancer, JoLynn McAfee Williamson found herself at the end of her rope until a majestic experience with a doe and her fawn. That tender moment and the kindness of many people opened her heart to compassion, which she now openly shares with others.

Cracker Jack Surprise storyteller Angela Romito shared the struggle of redefining her former vision of perfection after living in Athens for 15 years. She now embarks on her next transformative chapter with her two dogs and a new vigor.