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Thank you, Raquel!

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A salute to our retiring Interim Director 
We wanted to take a moment to say a fond farewell to our interim director Raquel Durden, who stepped up to help when we were floundering and made us stronger than ever.
A retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Raquel leads her own nonprofit, Humble Warrior Wellness and Yoga, an organization that helps female veterans and first responders. But she took time to help us find a new locale, strengthen our board, distribute tasks so that the director’s position isn’t so burdensome, update our website . . . and always in an unfailingly cheerful, budget-minded, and can-do way.  
We’ve had other wonderful directors, too, and we often turn to our founder Marci White and former directors Heidi Ferreira and Elise Stangle for information or guidance. But Raquel’s energy has made us more resilient  —  and for that and more we are so grateful.