Rabbit Box is moving to a quarterly schedule — for now! We’ve had a hard time making ends meet due to recent low attendance — and a couple of dedicated…

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Puppies and Ponies

by Nikaela Frederick

Puppies and ponies: it doesn’t get much happier than that. Summertime is in full swing, and for its July show, Rabbit Box wanted to accent the summer fun with a feel-good, light-hearted evening. Decked out in his Bugs Bunny tie, community leader Alvin Sheats served as emcee and lifted our spirits even higher with his infectious good humor. Check out the stories from this show in the video players below!


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Money Talks

by Nikaela Frederick Money itself doesn’t physically talk but it sure made an impression on the Rabbit Box stage on Wednesday, March 13th. Host Matt Goren — with his great…

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Swipe Left

By Nikaela Frederick On Wednesday, February 13th, on the cusp of Valentine’s Day, the show theme Swipe Left pulled in stories all about love and dating, bringing a strong representation of…

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