RB8 Audiocast: Resolution

From Rabbit Box 8: Resolution (January, 2013)

Our January Show went off with fireworks.  Thanks to everyone who helped ring in the new year so spectacularly.  This was perhaps our biggest show yet.  The Melting Point filled right up with an extraordinarily warm audience.

*Audio posted with permission from storytellers



Kelly Girtz, Madeline Van Dyck, Casey Morrison, David Noah, Jeffrey Henderson, Dac Crossley, Ben Myers and Ciera Durden.  Our impromptu “Crackerjack” (or Crackerjane) storyteller, whose name was drawn from the box, was Kelly McGlauen Fields.

RB8 MC Roger Stahl

MC:  Roger Stahl wears a few hats in Athens, GA.  He is an associate professor of Communication Studies at UGA where he researches and teaches rhetoric and media studies. He performs around town as the guitarist/cellist for Kate Morrissey and produces electro-experimento music in his spare time.  He likes to garden and build things to remind himself that he has a body.  In novel situations, he will ask himself “What would The Dude do?”  He smirks, but this is usually a sign that he is completely mystified by something.

RB8 David Noah

David Noah is a recovering academic, recently retired from UGA.  He thinks the world would be a better place if we all retired immediately and re-invented civilization.  In the meantime, he is grateful to the University for allowing him to keep his library card.  He takes photographs (http://davidnoah.net), reads and writes stories, and plans to expand his garden this year.

RB8 Kelly Girtz

Kelly Girtz lived as a child in Norfolk, VA.  Following stints in Minneapolis, MN, Marietta, GA and Austin, TX, he settled in Athens 17 years ago.  He has worked as a paperboy, record store clerk, pizza delivery driver, carpenter, teacher, waitperson, educational administrator and county commissioner.  His pleasures include time with his family and friends, good songs, reading nonfiction and walks through the city.

RB8 Casey Morrison

Casey Morrison is originally from Harlem, GA, and came to Athens as a UGA student. You can find her cooking fabulous dinners for friends, taking her dog for a walk around Normaltown, or reading a book in the front yard. She’s never met a stranger.

RB 8 Jeffrey Henderson

Jeffrey Henderson is a licensed psychologist and is board certified in Counseling Psychology. He joined the UGA University Health Center in 2007 upon moving here from Macon, and now considers Athens his hometown. His professional areas of interest include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, sport psychology, multicultural counseling, anxiety, and mindfulness. His hobbies include physical exercise, yoga, meditation, and dance.

RB 8 Madeline Van Dyck

Madeline Van Dyck was born in 1948 on May 4, the eve of Cinco de Mayo, in the Badlands of South Dakota.  As part of a globe-trotting military family, she moved frequently growing up.  By design, she and her husband Phil never wandered very far outside of Dogtown, Georgia (Athens) to raise their family of five. Madeline graduated from Arizona State University in 1972 with a bachelor of science in nursing degree and loves working in her chosen field. The interests she pursues in her spare time have their roots in her fascination with the natural world and its beauty.

RB8 Ben Myers

Benjamin Myers is a former member of the Forest Theater of Pure Form.   He was born with no blood in an avocado orchid. In 2012, he slept in five different countries, eleven different states, and one teepee.

RB8 Ciera Durden

Ciera Durden has lived in Georgia all of her life.  She has alternated between wanting to be an artist and wanting to be a writer since the age of five, but since she cannot draw a straight line to save her life, she figured writing would be the best option.  She focuses mainly on written poetry and spoken word, with a smattering of prose to prove that she can at least construct SOMETHING with a beginning, middle, and end.

RB8 Dac Crossley

D. A. (“Dac”) Crossley retired after 30 years of teaching ecology at the University of Georgia. A native Texan, he came to Athens via The University of Kansas and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dac spends his retirement years writing novels and playing occasional guitar in the company of two house cats.

RB8 Kelly McGlauen Fields

Kelly McGlauen Fields was our intrepid “crackerjack” storyteller for the evening.  Her name was randomly chosen from the box out of about 15 brave souls who submitted their names.

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