Rabbit Box 10 Saving Grace

Rabbit Box 10 has now swept through Athens, GA and left the audience feeling a little more Saved! than they did upon entering the doors of the Melting Point. Eight Athenians took the stage to bravely share their stories to the audience of about 175 of their peers. We heard tales of lonely Montana nights accompanied by the radio, the human sacrifice of missionaries, a veterinarian publicity stunt gone awry, the cutting edge life-saving heart surgeries that almost weren’t, the Danish KLM airline saviors in Delhi’s airport, the vortex before fatherhood, the smoldering flatbed of the life left behind, and cleft pallet of a now-public speaker told he’d never speak at all. To top this off our crackerjack storyteller Jerry who saved himself as his inner eight-year-old (with some help) gave us another act of courage along with everyone who threw their name into the rabbit box prepared to make an impromptu performance.

These stories took us around the world and back to Albany, GA . . . across religious backgrounds . . . saved lives and saved souls. Truly an inspiring evening.

The magic of Rabbit Box does not happen in a vacuum. It takes the help of the Melting Point, you our supporting audience, our media supporters, Nina Kelly preparing food for the storytellers, Kristen preparing our wonderful poster design, David capturing the magic by camera, Mary and Pat’s coaching, Matthew’s outreach, Roger’s MC’ing, and our director Marci’s tireless communication and organization – not to mention so many helping hands (and mouths) pitching in small ways to bring it all together. Join us April 10th as we go Into the Wild at Sandy Creek Park, and consider telling your tale for one of our upcoming months including Guns: A True Story from My Life, Down the Rabbit Hole and On Tour with the Band by dropping us an e-mail to marci.white@gmail.com. Until then!



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