RB11 Audiocast: Into the Wild

Eight storytellers made the trek “Into the Wild” in April.  This one took a break from our usual Melting Point haunts.  Instead, “Into the Wild” happened in front of a fire at Sandy Creek Park just north of Athens on hwy 441.  About 190 sat in front of a toasty fire, roasted s’mores, and listened to storytelling done just like in olden times, before our species started “writing things down” or “checking Netflix suggestions.”  The following is the first half of the program.  The second half, through some mysterious technological glitch, must remain “in the wild.”

Sadly, due to a technical glitch, we were not able to record all the stories that night.  Someone did happen to record the final story of the evening, by the wonderful Russell Cutts.  Watch for the fire at the end.  It comes out of thin air.


The magic of Rabbit Box does not happen in a vacuum. It takes the help of the Melting Point, you our supporting audience, our media supporters, Nina Kelly preparing food for the storytellers, Kristen preparing our wonderful poster design, David capturing the magic by camera, Mary and Pat’s coaching, Matthew’s outreach, Roger’s MC’ing, and our director Marci’s tireless communication and organization – not to mention so many helping hands (and mouths) pitching in small ways to bring it all together. Join us April 10th as we go “Into the Wild” at Sandy Creek Park.  Also, consider telling your tale for one of our upcoming months including “Silver Box: Living History,” “Guns: A True Story from My Life,” “Down the Rabbit Hole” and “On Tour with the Band” by dropping a note to Marci here. Until then!

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