Into the Wild at Sandy Creek Park


Rabbit Box went Into the Wild and thread after thread was spun by our storytellers. A rapt and supportive audience of almost 200 was seated on stone benches, folding chairs and blankets. Ooey-gooey s’mores roasted on the campfire as dusk settled, the flame’s scintilla rising into the sky. The faces of our storytellers growing spookier by the moment as fireflies twinkled in the forest and the stars grew brighter. Each story tracing out into the world, taking us along for the ride as we embraced chaos and found our way back to the safety of our gathering. Magic was yet again in the air.
We heard tales of alpine trophies won by bow and arrow, the bodyguard whose protection left the protected en garde, the prayers for lost loved ones, a Bree-Bree tribe’s not-so-lilting lullaby, the checked checklist between friends and gloves purchased begrudgingly, the wildlife encountered along a Mexican beach, a journey following the mark of the bear, and the promethean love of life’s fire. Courage moved another crackerjack to the mic to tell of being buffeted by high waves and fear while canoeing. .
Rabbit Box appreciates  every storyteller and member of our audience without whom the Rabbit Box is left empty, and our many volunteers and organizers who each time step forward in new and helpful ways, and in particular Sarah Barlow and the so-helpful staff at Sandy Creek Park.
Rabbit Box will be back in residence at The Melting Point on:

May 8th with Silver Box – Living History

June 12th with Guns: A True Story from My Life

July 10th Down the Rabbit Hole, and

August 14th On Tour With the Band.

We’re looking for more tellers for all themes June and later so pay the courage forward and make the Rabbit Box stage your own. Until then!

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