Down the Rabbit Hole


Rabbit Box went Down the Rabbit Hole in July, and we’re grateful to everyone who came out – many braving torrential rain to do so. Thank you! Athens’ streets were flooded, and inside the Melting Point we were immersed again in a flood of diverse and fantastic stories.


We heard of the Greyhound trip to a new way of thinking about conservation; the prodigal Cherokee who finally landed on her feet in Athens; the journey to finding the co-authored present; the profanity-free week that concluded with a sobering self-ass-essment; the crackerjack storyteller whose fork-and-knife-packing mother was helped out by a kind TSA agent; the cochlear implant- and-insurance nightmare we hope ends with a transcript delivery from a white rabbit; a spirited story about every parent’s nightmare – traveling in a foreign country with the metro door closing, and a child not yet onboard; the important life (and civil rights) lessons from a true teacher who opened the door to a darker past; and the bursting of a good bad-girl’s spring break
bubble as the glamour dissipated.


The Rabbit Hole meant something unique to each storyteller, but in all cases our teller emerged and had an insight to share. We salute their bravery and honesty and can hardly wait for August 14th: I’m With the Band — Tour Stories. We hope you’ll join us then, rain or shine!


Rabbit Box simply wouldn’t exist without its fans who help us spread the word every month. Thank you! We also want to thank the Melting Point, Kristen Smith, Jamie Derevere, and Shay Gambrell. Until next time!





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