RB13 Audiocast: Guns




MC: Mary Whitehead has great admiration for Rabbit Box raconteurs. Having told a story herself on the Rabbit Box stage a year ago, she appreciates the courage it takes to step up to the microphone and tell all. In her spare time, Mary enjoys watching entirely too many movies and has never met a documentary film she didn’t like.

Kate Morrissey performs music, teaches and practices yoga and meditation, and works in behavioral health. She has two cats, is married to Roger Stahl, and lives in Oglethorpe county, where people shoot guns into the air at various times for no evident reason.

Marty Winkler is a nationally known singer/songwriter. While living in Minneapolis, she opened the Twin Cities leg of Lilith Fair. Her songs have been played on the airwaves from coast to coast in the United States, most notably on Jonathan Schwartz’s show on WNYC and Harry Shearer’s “Le Show” in Los Angeles. Marty’s first solo CD “Heavenly Bodies” remains in the top one-third of all music sales on Amazon. She is the proud mother of sociologist Downie J. Winkler.

David A. Kulniszewski has lived quietly in the Athens area for 7 years with his high school sweetheart wife and their three remarkable, mighty, talented, capable and beautiful daughters. A former U.S. Army Officer, David served as an Infantry Officer and eventually transitioned into the Special Forces. As a member of the less than 1% of the American population to have served in the military, David feels he offers a personal and informed, yet sadly, seldom-heard perspective on the contentious gun issue. Retired and living hopelessly outnumbered in an estrogen-heavy environment, he has determined that you’re not a real man until you have had your toenails painted.

Maureen McLaughlin has worked as a trial consultant for most of her life, helping criminal defense attorneys select juries in death penalty cases. Beginning in the third grade, she moved to and from Athens a total of four times. The last time she moved here, she vowed never to leave. Maureen has immersed herself in the Athens community, working with organizations as diverse as AthFest, Our Daily Bread. and Occupy Athens.

(Intermission and Crackerjack) 

Kerry Steinberg has lived in Athens off and on for about 15 years now. She has worked as a Social Worker, a bartender, a Peace Corps volunteer, and as the director of a small non-profit that takes volunteers to Peru. She is now a Spanish instructor at UGA and loves her job. She spends her spare time with her fiancé, her dogs, and her friends or by herself in her pottery studio. And . . . she’s getting married in a few short weeks!

Ivan Sumner adopted Athens two and a half years ago. Or maybe it was fell in love with. He has spent about 48 of his 70 years in the south. He loves reading, traveling, and good conversation and is working on finding and being his true self. He spends his time volunteering, reading, getting therapy, gardening, visiting friends and making new ones, talking with family, and writing practice.

Overwhelmed by the isolation of individual consciousness, especially in relation to scale, time, and the imagination necessary for empathy, Michele Chidester paints, assembles, performs and speaks a developing, contradictory understanding of processes that feel true to her from moment to moment. She enjoys the occasional privileges of nice paper, high fructose corn syrup, and the ability to see sky touch the horizon in at least 3 directions at once. Michele plays French horn, complains of overly complicated, vivid nightmares, and hates explaining herself.

Jeffrey Henderson is a licensed psychologist and is board certified in Counseling Psychology. He joined the UGA University Health Center in 2007 upon moving here from Macon and now considers Athens his hometown. He received his PhD from the University of Southern Mississippi and did his internship at Texas A&M. His professional areas of interests include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, sport psychology, multicultural counseling, anxiety, and mindfulness. His hobbies include physical exercise, yoga, meditation, and dance.

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