Rabbit Box With the Band

Rabbit Box was With the Band in August, and 300+ guests joined us – our biggest event yet! The combination of tales about our friends and sometimes idols, unseasonably cool weather, the return of students from summer, the helping hands that make it all possible, and that special magical something created the ambience unique to a Rabbit Box evening. A real treat was about to be shared for our eyes and ears. (You can listen to the audio here.)

We heard the tale of rockstar Jesus denied a make-out session as a not-so-subtle hint from God about a young woman’s true preference;


two portraits of Vic Chesnutt sharing his Jedi powers in both an airport and knick-knack shop, for good and questionable purposes, but always retaining his charm;


the would-be musical weapon of destruction that inspired a musician to devote his craft for the good of humanity;


the dangers of the Chitlin’ Circuit shown through a private concert for a police officer, and two tales of Twiggs Lyndon as both intrepid tour driver and avant-garde family-heirloom-turned-earring wearer leading to the unfortunate mutual realization between he and Tennessee Williams’s “groupies”;


the crackerjack Def Lepperd fans given the backstage offer of their dreams but turned down thanks to some southern grandmotherly wisdom;

the Australian arch nemesis with a doppelganger who shared the same tour route, name, and the same green blobs in the sky known as Aurora Boring-alis;


and the back-up singing chameleon who blended in just in time to catch the intimate moments with her idols Joni Mitchell and James Taylor.


Many larger-than-life people and ideas came to the fore that evening. But it goes to show there’s no such thing as larger-than-storytelling, or put another way, larger than the stage upon which all people are but actors and storytellers. We, Rabbit Box, are proud to support this essential tradition, each and every month (except December). Your Rabbit Box organizers humbly offer many thanks to all of the people who make Rabbit Box possible — each contribution making a difference no matter how big or small. Until next time!

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