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“Our Great Big Animal Show” in September elicited an exceptional bunch of beautiful stories focused on animals. Every story opened a door into a world where humans and animals are attuned to each other in unique ways.  We were transported and transformed. Without any spoilers, here’s a quick run-down of the stories. Go to our “Listen” page to listen to the full stories.

When one of Ira Roth’s veterinary clients was found to be an “animal hoarder” and taken to court, Ira agreed to care for one of the man’s many pets, a 12 foot python.

Bill was a show horse – an imported gelding from Germany who was partly retired. India was an old, stubborn “true black” in rough shape. Virginia Baumgartner, who took in both horses to care for on her 150 acre farm, witnessed the unlikely pairing of these two friends.

Stacy Smith idolized Grizzly Adams as a girl, and as an adult she was romanced by her very own Grizzly Adams. “Matt the spotted owl guy” took her on excursions at night, hooting with the owls, but they also came across some unexpected, bigger wildlife.

Annie Prenni told about finding an injured baby squirrel outside her window. She called the mysterious “squirrel whisperer lady at Flowerland” and got schooled on squirrels.

Elizabeth Durasau’s name was chosen out of the Rabbit box to be our Crackerjack storyteller. During her impromptu story she shared how Clarence the Boston Terrier helped her through one of the most difficult times in her life.

Jennifer Doolan fell in love with horses at age 5, but had to wait until she was 11 to learn how to ride. For most of her middle and high school years she taught horseback riding to a lot of nervous and sometimes unpredictable city girls.

Tommy Tye stood “in the middle of a creek on a cold, damp, January evening… at the end of the gloaming” to witness the mating flight of “6 ounces of smokin’ hot love” – the American woodcock.

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