Duets Recap

For the second year in a row, Rabbit Box had a “Duets” show in February. The only “theme” was that any two people get up and tell any kind of story together. It’s interesting, and often funny, to watch how the duos play off of each other. This year we had seven pairs perform, with Roger Stahl & Kate Morrissey doing double duty as MC’s.

Pat & Neal Priest kicked the night off with a story of confusion and deception, telling of how con artists in Prague took advantage of the kindness and naiveté of these two helpful Americans.

A very expectant couple, Tanya and Micah Hudson, next told of how, after false attempts at being set up, waffling, procrastinating and finally meeting each other in a grimy bar, these two laid eyes on each other and knew that “this was the one.”

As Weston and Virginia Baumgartner were getting ready to welcome their baby into the world, Ginny decided she wanted to adopt an extremely high-needs basset hound into their family, despite the fact that she knew from experience that “basset hounds are like the bad boyfriends” of canines.

Crackerjack storytellers Lorraine and Max (mother and son) described a scene of taking a camel ride behind the pyramids in Egypt, when Lorraine’s camel decided to take off. “My mom got a speedy camel,” commented Max.

Dr. Larry and Mrs. Alzena Johnson shared the convoluted story of how they came to be teaching at the same middle school and then serendipitously thrown together in matching brown corduroy outfits.

Rube Yen and Ellen Kohl traveled the world before they had children. They never wanted to do the typical tourist things; they liked to take the roads less traveled… after a long trek on the Great Wall of China they realized it’s not always so bad to be part of the tour.

Jill Swenson and Bill Brown were married, then divorced, then explored the dating scene in Atlanta, then married again… not all with each other.

To hear these stories and more click here.

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