Silver Box 2014 Kickoff Meeting: Saturday, March 15th

We’re seeking storytellers for our second-annual Silver Box show, “My Life in Black and White.” This show will feature elder storytellers, age 65 and older, telling personal stories about an incident or time in their lives when race mattered—in the past or more recently—such as a story about participating in the Civil Rights movement, awakening to racism, feeling a sense of belonging, or speaking about any one of a range of experiences that has left a vivid memory. The goal for the show is for most of the stories to be about experiences that took place in Athens or nearby.

If you think you may have a story to tell, we invite you to attend an introductory meeting this Saturday, March 15th from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church of Athens in the Staff Conference Room. The church is located in downtown Athens, next to the Post Office.

To help people develop their stories, a series of free workshops will be offered, as well as individual coaching. The performance of Silver Box: “My Life in Black and White,” will take place on Wednesday, May 14th at The Melting Point starting at 7:00 p.m.

Prefer to tell a story in a smaller setting? Another Silver Box show, this one in the afternoon, will be presented to a smaller audience at the Athens Community Council on Aging, date and time to be announced.

Also, for storytellers who may feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a live audience, the University of Georgia Russell Library has a First Person Project that can record stories in a one-on-one interview format. The First Person Project aims to document the lives of everyday Georgians, based on the belief that everyone has been an eyewitness to history, and, with a little encouragement, has a story to tell. First Person Project stories could also be developed during the workshops for Silver Box.

For this Saturday’s meeting, free street-level parking is available in back of the First Presbyterian Church of Athens at 170 Dougherty Street, and there is a parking garage off College Avenue, between Dougherty Street and Hancock Avenue. Look for signs for parking and the location of the meeting room.
For more information, please contact Mary Whitehead at

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