Recap of RB31 – Internet Connections

Rabbit Box’s “Internet Connections: Hits and Misses in the World of Digital Dating”
By Melissa Harward

While the world of dating can be hard to navigate, when things go digital, you never quite know what you’re walking into.

Led by the ever-lovely Mary Whitehead, last week’s Rabbit Box’s “Internet Connections: Hits and Misses in the World of Digital Dating” featured stories of creeps, flops, and the realization that loving yourself should always come first.

The first rule of online dating? Meet in a public space. Second rule? Be careful who you give your number to. When one normal-seeming “Arnold” gets ahold of Gretchen Sneegas’ contact info, a slight rejection turns creepy.

Daniel “LadyKiller” Isaac Rodriguez-Granrose knows how to treat the ladies. When an allergy threatens to ruin a great first date, Daniel still manages to seal the deal. That is, until his sense of humor gets in the way.

In those slow, magical moments of getting to know someone new, you’re always looking for a spark. Unfortunately that spark dies out when librarian Tracy Sue Walker gets an unappreciated gift from a potential suitor.

On her first attempt at online dating, drama teacher Lorraine Thompson turns the tables on silly questionnaires, showing us all that the most important aspect of dating is knowing yourself.

Our crackerjack storyteller of the evening was Joe Willey, who learned that the bitterness of heartbreak can eventually be overcome. He knows how to butcher a chicken, drive a big rig, and can appreciate a good cup of coffee.

Rob White (also known as Antonio or Nick) tells a tale of young love, deceit, and moving on. When a cross-country trip to meet the online girl of his dreams falls to pieces, Rob learns to just be himself.

Ruta Abolins
finds a seemingly perfect fit online but during a phone conversation becomes aware that compatibility is in the details. Some things are immediate deal-breakers, and that’s probably for the best.

Mel Cochran showed us that people aren’t always who they appear to be. (story not available online)

After an unexpected break-up with her fiancé, former D.C. resident Rachelle Ellis moves to Athens, bringing along with her an important life lesson: Don’t settle.

Stay tuned for even more Rabbit Box greatness coming next month with March 12th’s “Game Day.”

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