Recap of RB32 – Game Day!

Rabbit Box’s “Game Day!”

By Melissa Harward

Game. Set. Story.

Last week, Rabbit Box fielded a strong team of storytellers who entertained the crowd with musings on “Game Day”: competition, family ties, celebrations, and more. (Good old fashioned hate was a play on the UGA/GT rivalry)

Mary Whitehead was our lovely emcee of the evening.

Our first storyteller, Paige Howell, admitted that she never did learn to speak Spanish well despite years of studying the language. Paige brought us a tale of a typical Ecuadorian fútbol game full of team spirit, good hamburgers, rowdy crowds — and tear gas.

Rabbit Box veteran Ivan Sumner criticized the militaristic brutality of American football. In watching his sons play the game, however, his view softened.

Community Connection Executive Director Fenwick Broyard explained how the sports he played as a young man have shaped his decision-making, his relationship with his father and his management style today.

Hunt Brumby’s important and beautiful considerations about legacy and mortality rang out in his story about attending a baseball game with his father.

Our crackerjack storyteller of the night was Claire Coenen, who reminded us that miracles can happen even at our most embarrassing moments.

Librarian Tanya Hudson’s fortitude in battling UGA game-day traffic and parking nightmares is an inspiration to us all. She fights traffic and some precarious stairs to save the day for a friend in need.

Stevie King spoke of the magical relationship between baseball and his son, Seaver (better known as #2), giving us the story of great sportsmanship and an unexpected win.

As you might imagine, UGA Chief of Police Jimmy Williamson has seen quite his share of game-day drunks and disasters. This particular story of a football fan turns out to be surprisingly dirty.

Football and alcohol go hand-in-hand, except when indulgence outweighs common sense. In the aftermath of a great game, be careful about your celebrations. You might just end up sleeping on a stranger’s porch, and if you’re lucky, you’ll land on the doormat of the kind and exceptionally patient Rachel Bailey.

Rabbit Box returns April 9th to Sandy Creek Park for stories on “Sink or Swim.”

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