Recap of RB34 – Mother Lode

Rabbit Box: Mother Lode
By Melissa Harward

Rabbit Box’s Motherlode stories brought tears and laughter to all of us in the audience. The stories told were in honor of the honorable mothers and mother-figures in the lives of our storytellers and for everyone listening in. Mary Whitehead was our lovely and spirited Master of Ceremonies.

Our first storyteller of the evening was Robin Whetstone, who discussed one of the major challenges of motherhood: making mom friends.

It’s difficult to let go of those mementos that remind us of our loved ones. After her mother passes, Mariel Blake has to confront all the precious items left behind and searches for something she’s lost.

Paul Guillebeau discusses the three women in his life he loved the most: his wife, his mother, and Mary Daily, his childhood caretaker.

On a trip to Yosemite in 1968, Kathleen Cason is awakened by her fashion-forward mother for a frantic late-night drive. Thinking back to that night, Kat realizes that all the life lessons her mother taught her have made her the person she is today.

Ship engineer Mony Abrol learns a hard lesson on just how precarious disrespecting your mama can be.

Wanda White, our crackerjack storyteller of the night, talked about the loving bond between her parents and their everlasting conversation with one another.

After deciding to move in with her elderly mother, Jan Turner tries to overcome the history of her rough childhood in order to mend the ravaged bond between mother and daughter.

After giving birth to her first child in a military hospital in Texas, Jennifer Bray decides that natural births closer to home bring more joy and intimacy to her family.

Rebecca McCarthy’s answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was always to be her fearless, beautiful, smart, and funny mother. This is the story of being strong even as life ebbs.

Debbie From teaches us that our children love us just the way we are, mustachioed or not.

Rabbit Box returns in June with Fatherland on Thursday, June 11th.

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