Recap of Busted!

By  Melissa Harward
“Uh oh.” Two words that everyone has probably uttered. What do they mean? Trouble. Thursday night’s Rabbit Box: Busted features tales of just that. Tara Stuart was our emcee of the evening and introduced our trouble-making storytellers.

Ian Campbell started us off with a tale about breaking the rules. Rules, as he put it, specifically designed to keep disaster from happening on a study abroad trip to Fez, Morocco. When one of his students gets a taste of rebelliousness, he vows to never take the trip again.

After finding a revealing clue written in her father’s handwriting, Sharon Camp McDearis has a heart-wrenching confrontation with her mother. Relationships collapse under the weight of evidence, and painful and long-term consequences mount for a young girl blamed for a shattering truth.

Break-ups can be pretty awful. In the aftermath of his heartbreak, Theodore Lawrence learns about the three stages of getting busted. This story will make you cringe and then laugh. We feel you, Theodore.

Mony Abrol began his story in 1964. As a young ship engineer, he finds himself in Singapore with a brighter outlook on how to meet women despite his strange working hours. His new jacket and optimism don’t last long as Mony finds himself in a life-threatening, chaotic situation.

Our crackerjack storyteller of the night was Amy Watts, who reimagined a story as told by her parents about repainting the bedroom wall with a crayon. As Amy learns, if you’re going to find a scapegoat, make sure you erase the evidence.

A young Denise Mount faced quite the dilemma: show her busted-up face in public or miss the circus? After her mother makes the decision for her, Denise must face the embarrassment of her injuries. Thankfully a few kind souls help her along the way.

After a disastrous solo performance, Jen Holt swears to never singing in public again. As she becomes more involved as a volunteer at Girls Rock Camp here in Athens, she realizes she can’t keep her silence forever. Bust a move (or a note), Jen!

Neal Priest brought us home for the night with his tale of youthful California-based shenanigans. When hijinks ensue and the police pursue, Neal describes the slippery slope toward juvenile delinquency.

Rabbit Box will return October 8th at Sandy Creek Park for tales on Wild Things. As a reminder, starting in 2016, we will be returning to Wednesday nights at the Foundry.   

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