Recap of Wild Things

by Melissa Harward

This month’s Rabbit Box brought us all a little closer to nature. In the spookily lit woods of Sandy Creek Park, the night air soon filled with stories of the wilderness out in the world and the wilderness within us. Our emcee of the evening was Alex White

Russell Cutts began the evening with a tale of a survival trek turned wild goose chase. Equipped with nothing but knives and wool blankets, Russell and the group must fare for themselves in an unexpected downpour.

After realizing her English-teaching position has landed her in the middle of the African wild, Elli Woodruff must face off with the animal natives.

The hunt can be exhilarating. After breaking a few rules on a night of coon hunting, Joshua Knott gets a little too much excitement when he finds himself surrounded and on the run.

With any ecological research there’s usually collateral damage to the environment. An experiment takes a dangerous turn when Uma Nagendra catches something unexpected in her research plot’s netting.

In a first for Rabbit Box, we had two crackerjack storytellers for Wild Things! Megan Westbrook shared a wild story of the craziest person she knows and a road trip turned road show. The wildest thing Kyle McSherry knows is a group of teenagers. Kyle leads a group of these wild things during a summer backpacking camp and encounters one of nature’s more shocking elements.

Jan Turner is the wildest person she knows and always manages to spook us. In this tale of her Pacific Northwest adventures, Jan warns that wild things could be lingering just outside the door.

In 2009, Gretchen Sneegas was deployed as part of a disaster relief crew to West Virginia, where she and her team encountered quite a few wild sights in their mold remediation work. Gretchen found one resident and her colony of feral cats especially creepy.

Our last storyteller of the evening was Olive Hebert, who reminded us that there’s nothing wrong with embracing your wild side.

Rabbit Box will return to the Foundry on Thursday, November 12th, with War and Peace. Big thanks to Mark Woods for the lighting and Roger Stahl for audio set-up and all of the other volunteers who made Wild Things wild! Look for the show to return on Wednesdays in 2016!

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