Rabbit Box Honors our Veterans – Thursday, Nov. 12th!

Our upcoming show on the 12th — “War and Peace” — is a special one to commemorate Veterans Day.

We’ll hear stories from several veterans who served during times of war and relative peace. Earnest Thompson will tell about how he determined which branch of the service to join during the Korean War era, while John Mincemoyer will describe how he passed long nights deep in the darkness on a submarine in peacetime.

We’ll also hear from Reverend Archibald Killian about his service during the Korean War and from Sean Polite about his days serving in the Navy as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq ignited. Soldier Jennifer Bray will tell about her deployment to Somalia on a UN peace-keeping mission when she was just 19.

We’ll hear from others, too, on this theme. Javier Romero-Heesacker, a freshman at Clarke Central, will provide a snapshot of what Junior ROTC is like these days. Former mayor Gwen O’Looney will tell about her Red Cross work in South Vietnam, when she traveled by helicopter to bring recreational opportunities to soldiers in far-flung and often grim encampments. Another story centers on the letter-writing campaign of a high school girl, Elaine Westfall, who connected with young soldiers a world away in South Vietnam.

If you’re brave you can put your name in the hat during intermission to see if you’ll be chosen as the “Crackerjack Surprise” storyteller who will tell an impromptu, 4-minute story that adheres to the theme.

We’re so pleased that our crackerjack-sharp friend Heather Broadwater will emcee the show!

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