Anything Goes

June 27, 2018
“Anything Goes”
by Patricia Tacuri

The theme Anything Goes encompassed tales of hilarious vacation mishaps on three different continents, the freeing power of the word “NO,” healing emotional wounds through forgiveness, and timely stories of the enduring bonds between fathers and children.

With more than 200 in attendance, our vibrant emcee Ashley Garrett kicked off a sizzling summer evening with her contagious humor and enthusiasm.

Jade Fernandez took us along to Peru on a long hike in the Andean mountains that was much more challenging than she expected. The steep, slippery paths and ice-cold streams tested her physical endurance and her relationship with her boyfriend.

Sloan Murray recalled hilarious misadventures on family vacations that included his innocent faux pas with a stranger and a bloody mishap with a closet door.

In her story Susie Rawlins Tompkins captured the special affinity southern women have for their daddy — and in her case, a second, surprising target of her affection.

Celest Divine Ngeve had the whole audience shouting “No!” and laughing, too, as she discussed a way to recharge and empower yourself.

Our Crackerjack Surprise storyteller Maggie Hunter shared a hilarious anecdote about her classy grandmother’s embarrassing encounter with the shoe salesman.

David Noah captivated the audience with his endearing tale of learning forgiveness from his own father who had learned this in an unexpected way.

Deborah Gonzalez arrived on a chartered trip to Turkey, but her luggage did not. Colleagues from UGA helped her, but as days and days passed and still no suitcase, she finally had to put her foot down.

Robert Tucker shared his story of how how he learned that blood ties do not always define the love of or for a parent.

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