Skin Deep

June 27, 2018
“Anything Goes”
by Patricia Tacuri

With more than 250 in attendance on a sweltering July night, renowned and beloved local artist David Hale shared both his humor and his vast knowledge of tattoos to kick off an epic storytelling event.

David Hale Skin Deep 2018


People told enthralling stories about their tattoos that encompassed a hilarious and drug-induced decision, emotional tributes to lost loved ones, lasting souvenirs of the indomitable human spirit, and tattoos that served as testimonials for keeping an optimistic perspective on life despite life-altering and wrenching circumstances.

Tara Stuart’s tattoo on her bicep captures an optimistic outlook on life despite personal heartache and chaotic events in the world that are often heartbreaking, too.

Melinda Cochran Davis shared how her tattoo, which served as a lasting keepsake of her indomitable spirit, depicted a towering love that had always sustained her in hard times.

Chris Richards’ bold tattoos, a sign of his healing from old emotional wounds, reveal his deep appreciation of Maori and other indigenous cultures.

Emily Nicholos shared with the audience the heart-rending story behind the loving tribute depicted on her wrist.

Our Crackerjack Surprise of the night, Madeline Bates, shared how her tattoo was a permanent expression of her rebirth and renewal after a violent event.

Hunt Brumby told a hilarious story about his face tattoos that involved a drug-induced trip with “friendly” gang members.

Ryder Crosby’s tale of his tattoo captivated the audience with his testimonial to his bravery in the face of life-altering circumstances.

Sharon Mitchell told her story of how a poem kept her from despair in hard times and became — when the title was inked as a tattoo — a literary reminder forever of her own unconquerable strength in the face of adversity.

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