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Money Talks

by Nikaela Frederick

Money itself doesn’t physically talk but it sure made an impression on the Rabbit Box stage on Wednesday, March 13th.

Host Matt Goren — with his great radio voice honed on his show “Nothing Funny About Money” — made a point between storytellers to let the audience know that they do not have to struggle because of money. While the performer and comedic writer side of him kept the audience entertained, his financial education consultant side made sure they were informed about financial resources available to them.

The first storyteller of the night, Kim Shupe, shared her experience of living through the great depression of the new millennium, the market crash of 2008, which taught her family the very important difference between needs and wants.

Timi Jorgensen, who is currently working on a Ph.D. in financial planning, stressed financial well being by helping the audience see that we often give money too much power as a culture.  

Shane Sims  shared his inspirational story with a thundering performance. He explained that money will either speak for you or against you. It spoke against him in his youth, but over the years he has come to learn how to make it speak for him. 

Kyle Horton  recounted how he fell in love with his wife all over again when she unwaveringly supported him in making a risky financial decision.

Cracker Jack Surprise storyteller Freda Hammit  shared how a miracle made a world of difference to her family when they were struggling to make ends meet while her father worked to finish college.

Nathan Fussell’s 30th year of life shook everything he thought he knew about his money and his future.

Dr. Leara Rhodes  worked hard to to save money for college, but an unexpected request stripped away her savings. She had to work harder still while at school to pay her way, but a bill for tuition came that almost derailed everything yet again. She scraped together the money by asking for tiny loans from dozens of people. But then, finally, she got a break.

The dynamic spoken-word performer Celeste Ngeve spoke up for artists everywhere. After one too many times giving discounts and doing shows free to the point of being taken advantage of, she now knows her worth and gets paid accordingly. She urged fellow artists to do the same.