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Puppies and Ponies

by Nikaela Frederick

Puppies and ponies: it doesn’t get much happier than that. Summertime is in full swing, and for its July show, Rabbit Box wanted to accent the summer fun with a feel-good, light-hearted evening. Decked out in his Bugs Bunny tie, community leader Alvin Sheats served as emcee and lifted our spirits even higher with his infectious good humor. Check out the stories from this show in the video players below!

Kyle Horton, a self-proclaimed “power napper,” gushed over the satisfaction that perfectly orchestrated extra rest can bring.

Denise Mount introduced her daughters to the novel Jane Eyre when they were just little girls. Twenty years later, as their view of the heroine’s predicament changed, their shared experience still brings fond memories.

Robin Springer’s DIY wedding was full of love in more ways than one. Her “village” of family and friends stepped forward to create a lovely and memorable occasion. Though it’s been 33 years, the heart ties made that day with not only her husband but her community at large will stay with her forever.

Paul Guillebeau vividly reflects on a quirky family dog who roamed freely without the restrictions of fences or leashes in rural Georgia. As a result of this freedom, Legolas would sometimes go missing for months at a time (even making his way to Alabama at one point) but would always find his way home.

Cracker Jack Surprise storyteller Sandy Williams humorously told the story of how her family dog didn’t have a problem with her when she was born, but it was another matter when her little brother came along.

Years ago Rebecca McCarthy had an exciting job opportunity to travel to Argentina to cover the Pan American Games for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Looking back on it, one of her most memorable moments was not found in the action of the Games but in a simple yet sweet exchange with a stranger she encountered on a day trip to Uruguay.

Liz Conroy told a charming story about an old horse people teased her was ready for the glue factory. But she wasn’t ready to give up on King, and one day something remarkable happened. 

Bluebirds have been a recurring motif in Ashley Garrett’s life. One specific blue bird became an unexpected blessing that helped her through some of her hardest days. The moral of her story was that “even sideways, wonky miracles are still miracles.”