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Nesting: New format

Hey Folks!

You’ve waited patiently and now the time is here to lay out our ground rules for our Nesting storytelling continuum – with the classic evocative questions of “what, when, where, how, and why”:

WHAT: A project that will chronicle the tales, experiences, and lives of Athens area and surrounding community members during this time of crisis. Stories don’t need to pertain directly to this time – maybe you’d like to tell us about what your favourite thing to do before was, where you made your first “nest”, the “nest” you lost, or something you can’t bring home anymore. Whatever comes to mind, as long as it fits our “nesting” theme. Stories can be in the form of a video, an audio recording, written work, photographs, visual art, or anything else that illustrates your story of “nesting”.

WHEN: This project spans from now until further notice. We’ll be posting stories as we get them on our social media – so make sure you follow us and turn your notifications on for new posts!

WHERE: The digital realm. We have created a drive for you to upload your stories and they’ll be posted on our blog and social media.

HOW: Send us your 3-5 minute stories on Facebook messenger, through email at, or upload them to our Google Drive folder that we have created just for this project (as long as you promise not to peak at the other stories in there) which we have linked at the end of this post. Stories can be any medium of your choosing, as long as they are, in fact, a story. No rants, essays, or lobbying at this time please (thems the breaks, folks). When you submit your work, you’ll be sent a quick consent form saying that you do agree to have this posted on social media and you won’t sue us etc. etc. etc. If you can please let us know when you send them if they are child/teen appropriate or not, we’ll make sure and tag them accordingly. We’d like to have some things the wee folks can interact with considering so many of us now have them at home full time – and kids do say the darndest things.

WHO: The person reading this! Or someone you know! Anyone can submit any story going along with the theme. Please let us know if you’d like to share anonymously. Otherwise, we will make sure to give you full storytelling credit.

WHY: Rabbit Box Storytelling provides a forum for the Athens Area to share and hear stories in order to strengthen and celebrate our diverse community. This doesn’t end when we cannot meet in person. And rather than stop everything we had been doing, we decided to make a new thing- and we are excited to work with you to craft it!

So that is it! Please, send us your stories and let us share in this moment of community with each other. And just so you know our board also has skin in the game – we will be posting our own stories throughout the project. So be on the lookout Sunday night when our first example comes out!

Here is the link to the google drive folder for uploads (email is also fine!):