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Raise Money for Rabbit Box with your stories!

Rabbit Box is excited to announce that we have a donor who will donate $5 (up to $300) to Rabbit Box for every story (or artwork) that gets posted!

In this hard time when we’ll all holding our breath to see what the future holds, we know it’s hard to write a great story incorporating a beginning, middle and end when we don’t know how (or when) all this ends. We’re all anxiously moving through this time of grim news, a long period without handshakes, hugs, and dance lessons — and a bad-hair month on top of that. So we thought we’d encourage check-ins, too. You don’t have to have a fully fleshed-out story. Just tell us how you’re doing or provide a snapshot of life where you are in audio, video or print form. You can send a photo or other artwork, too. Let’s stay connected!