Rabbit Box is moving to a quarterly schedule — for now! We’ve had a hard time making ends meet due to recent low attendance — and a couple of dedicated staff and board members needed to step down. It’s challenging to put on a monthly show and find storytellers to fill out each slate. This will give us some time to regroup.

Stay tuned for more information about how to support Rabbit Box as we will be unveiling a new sponsorship program!

And we’re looking for people who love Rabbit Box and are interested in being more involved! We are seeking a new director and there are other opportunities to help out as well.

We’ll be back in October — on the 9th — with a show called “Pride and Prejudice, which will celebrate National Coming Out Day with stories that celebrate the power of community in collaboration with Athens PRIDE.

The Foundry has been a wonderful partner! Go on over there anyway to support them and discover some new music!

We so appreciate all our loyal attendees, friends, sponsors and amazing storytellers!

Trying Times and Triumphs, Too

by Nikaela Frederick

Elders in the Athens community were the stars of Rabbit Box’s May show called Trying Times and Triumphs, Too, a collaboration with the Athens Community Council on Aging (ACCA). May is nationally recognized as Older Americans Month in the United States. Emcee Dr. Leara Rhodes, who has practiced and now teaches journalism, dug up some interesting facts for the show. Because storytellers hailed from various places — Jamaica, Argentina, India, and Japan — she shared how elders are honored in each of these countries to set the tone as each person took the stage.

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Life In Drag

by Nikaela Frederick

The themes of love, acceptance and “Yes, Queen!” reigned supreme in Rabbit Box’s April show Life in Drag. The glamorous and witty emcee Jacqueline Daniels (aka Rob Hagwood), who had a fantastic wardrobe change mid-show as a true diva should, gave the audience the treat of getting to know her as well as they got to know the storytellers. Long gone are the early days when she had to make her own costumes and squeeze her feet into shoes several sizes too small. She made sure that the audience left psyched about fun upcoming events in the cherished Boybutante AIDS Foundation’s 30th anniversary year of providing funds for agencies that support HIV/AIDs advocacy, education, outreach and/or direct client services in Northeast Georgia.

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Money Talks

by Nikaela Frederick

Money itself doesn’t physically talk but it sure made an impression on the Rabbit Box stage on Wednesday, March 13th.

Host Matt Goren — with his great radio voice honed on his show “Nothing Funny About Money” — made a point between storytellers to let the audience know that they do not have to struggle because of money. While the performer and comedic writer side of him kept the audience entertained, his financial education consultant side made sure they were informed about financial resources available to them.

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Swipe Left

by Nikaela Frederick

On Wednesday, February 13th, on the cusp of Valentine’s Day, the show theme Swipe Left pulled in stories all about love and dating, bringing a strong representation of male perspectives to the Rabbit Box stage.

Emcee, educator, poet, spoken-word artist, author, motivational speaker, therapist, and life coach extraordinaire Celeste Ngeve brought her fun personality and charisma to the stage, keeping the energy high in the room. She kept the crowd chuckling throughout the night between storytellers as she reacted to the vignettes in which audience members answered the question “What makes you want to swipe left?”

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Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year, Y’all!

Feliz Navidad!

by Nikaela Frederick

DJ’ed by Athens Latin and emceed by state representative Deborah Gonzalez, the special holiday edition of Rabbit Box was a riveting smorgasbord, as the theme suggests. To start the night off, host Deborah Gonzalez asked the audience to join her in singing the popular tune “Feliz Navidad.” Her inviting presence and relatable humor set a comfortable tone for community sharing.    

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The Best. Book. Ever.

by Nikeala Frederick

On the evening of October 16th, the Athens-Clarke County library welcomed the Rabbit Box community to its auditorium for an intimate storytelling event about books. And these weren’t just any books but those from PBS’ The Great American Read, a public television series and companion events at libraries that examined 100 novels Americans had chosen in a PBS survey as most worth reading.

The emcee for the night, Ashley Garrett, is a book enthusiast and blogger who holds degrees in Literature and English. She kept the energy high at the calm library with her quick-witted humor and infectious laughter. Continue reading “The Best. Book. Ever.”