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November’s story summaries and storytellers

READY OR NOT | Monday, January 23, 2023

Emcee: Debra Brenner, board member of the Athens Anti Discrimination Movement, is retired from being a certified sign language interpreter, deaf educator, sign language teacher, artistic sign language performer, and assistant director at UGA’s Center for Disability Services. Her passions include training service dogs, boxing, knitting, painting, and playing with her granddaughters.

Heather Slutzky has lived in Athens for nearly 20 years. She is a secular celebrant and a public speaker on healthcare culture. When interacting with small children she often makes a frog shape with her hands, a skill she learned from a storyteller in her early adulthood. She loves her life of being paid to see beautiful places while holding a microphone then returning home to her son, husband, three dogs, three fish, six snails and a yard cat.

Was Heather Slutzky ready or not for a new life in a new town? Join her on her surprising journey to her new home in the South.

Mimi Sodhi is a restless wanderer always seeking something new whether it be job, location, or an adventure. She is a retired Marine (six years active duty and 15 years active reserves), a social worker, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand when she was 53! She is
currently a social work educator teaching in a fully online program, and an avid traveler and explorer. She said, “The theme is perfect for me as I am constantly jumping into things, ready or

Mimi Sodhi has been facing situations she is unprepared for since she was a teenager. Is she a natural thrill seeker or just someone who is never quite ready for the path her life is going to take?

Anthony Elmore is a writer, storyteller, and former podcast producer for Atlanta Fringe Audio. He’s performed storytelling at Carapace, The Moth, Write Club, Scene Missing, and other Georgia area events. Whether he’s sharing his journey of being diagnosed with autism and ADHD in middle age, recounting his experiences leaving evangelical Christianity, or sharing anecdotes about his life in Prague, Anthony’s stories are always engaging and thought-provoking. Currently Anthony is working on his one-person show, “Farting in Church,” a
humorous and poignant exploration of his experiences growing up in a fundamentalist
children’s church. To stay updated on his upcoming performances and projects, visit his website at

Anthony Elmore’s father always said, “I’m lovely,” whenever anyone asked how he was doing, but some serious losses suddenly made his life much less lovely than it had ever been before.

Born and raised in Athens with more than 50 years in the catering business, Lee Epting has a flair for southern hospitality with a wealth of chronicles to match. Historic preservation is one of his main interests: Lee’s property “The Hill” is known as an orphanage for old homes and acts as the backdrop for his many tales. 

Lee Epting met an exceptionally generous lady who faced every challenge with grit and
determination and never worried about whether she was ready or not.

Cracker Jack Storyteller Sally K. Shepherd was not ready for the shocking announcement made to her whole class about the consequences she suffered from a competition with one of her

Jon Segars is a retired Army officer and a retired K-12 school superintendent. He now serves as the Director of the Student Veterans Resource Center at the University of Georgia.

Jon Segars found that he and his fellow soldiers had to be more prepared for the unexpected than any of them could have ever imagined.

Paul Guillebeau grew up in rural northwest Georgia at a time when television had three
channels, the telephone was a party line, and the post office held a monopoly on delivering mail. He always wanted to be a scientist and earned a Ph.D. in Entomology from UGA. After a brief exile in Washington, D.C., the family returned to Athens and UGA. Now approaching retirement, the Bugman (as he is known) still enjoys all things “buggy.” He is looking into a new way to control fire ants in his lawn without pesticides. A few stings have been involved.

Paul Guillebeau was ready for a fun and active retirement, but suddenly his body betrayed him.

Ravi Sinha is an India-born, Fargo-raised Oregonian transplanted to Athens two years ago. After earning a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Ravi started his career as an electrical engineer at Hewlett-Packard, moving quickly into an
intrapreneurial role before leaving to assist smaller companies in all aspects of business creation, funding, growth, and operations. His love for renewable energy spurred him to start several solar businesses. Prior to moving to Athens in late 2020 to assist his elderly parents, he was CEO of a high-tech company. He mentors professors and students at UGA’s Innovation Hub who find themselves at the forefront of innovations that could become viable businesses. Ravi is also a passionate cook and swimmer and is involved in community building.

Ravi Sinha had a dream that he was totally unqualified for, but his dedication to achieving that
dream paid off in a way no on expected.

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