Show Recaps: October

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October’s story summaries and storytellers

UNDONE | Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Emcee: Kris Schultz is a nurse practitioner at a local oncology practice who deals in DNA. She
is also a theatre buff, lover of gourmet food, and one of those strange people who goes running on purpose.

Freida Hammett has been telling stories to kids since she was 5, sitting on her aunt’s teacher desk to tell her students the story of The Three Bears. She graduated to being a media specialist, telling stories to elementary students. One of the founders of Waseca Learning Environment, a Montessori school and business in Athens, she currently teaches Montessori teachers. Her sister Carole claims she is a tattletale. Now she gets to tattle on Carole again.

Summary: Join Freida Hammet as she remembers the unexpected benefit of her sister’s foot getting stuck in a surprising place.l

Doug Monroe is a fifth-generation Atlantan who graduated from UGA (ABJ, 1969) and Long Island University/Brooklyn Campus (M.S. Ed., 2009). He was a journalist with United Press
International, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Magazine, and Creative Loafing. He taught at three universities and one Brooklyn middle school. He has two children and two
grandchildren. Doug has lived in Athens since 2015 and has acted with OnStage Walton in Monroe. 

Summary: Which was worse for Doug Monroe? The series of illnesses and injuries he suffered or the treatments he had to survive?

Mony Abrol is a licensed chief engineer of VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers). He spent 8 years sailing around the world on commercial ships and then worked in 4 different professions,
including overseeing the building of surgical glove factories overseas from his Malaysian office, working as ship safety surveyor at the ships classification organization Germanischer Lloyd and V.P. of operations at Omnium Transportation Monrovia from New York. Mony has lived in 5 countries and traveled to ninety three more. He came to Athens in 1997 for a southern laid-back lifestyle and bought a commercial fence construction company. Now retired, he’s enjoying life, involved with OLLI activities and volunteering at 4 NGOs in the Athens area, including the
Performing Arts Center.

Summary: Will Mony Abrol be able to undo his two daughters’ disappointment after a storm disrupted their long-promised vacation to New Orleans?

David Lockman, born in 1945, attended Davidson College and Florida State before completing his medical degree at the University of Florida. After residencies in both Dermatology and Infectious Diseases, he began practicing medicine in Athens in 1983. He aspires to understand the mind/body connection.

Summary: Learn how Dr. David Lockman found out the hard way that sometimes faith can heal
better than any medical science.

Cracker Jack Storyteller: Joan Prittie recalls how a fun night with her best friend in the waning days of high school was interrupted when a harsh flashlight flooded
the scene.

Tom Kenyon spent the first 25 years of his career working in international education and training and the second 25 years as a not-for-profit executive. He has served as a volunteer on many boards of nonprofits on behalf of children and minorities. A founder and first chair of the American Works Partnership, he served on the White House Community Service Committee. His book “What You Can Do To End Homelessness” was published in 1992 by Simon and Schuster. Tom earned his undergraduate degree from St. Louis University and his masters from

Summary: Was Tom Kenyon really a “barbarian” like his Greek friend said or could a special night redeem him?

Charles “Shorty” Wilmoth is a transplanted Arkansan living happily in Georgia with his wife of 61 years. He enjoys being near his daughters, his eight grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. He retired from Honeywell Information Systems in 1995 and had a second career as a network administrator in a public school district. He is an active member of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute’s memoir-writing special interest group. He enjoys reading the subjects he found uninteresting in college, growing flowers in their courtyard, and writing stories about growing up in a small mining town.

Summary: As an eleven-year-old, Charles “Shorty” Wilmoth made a plan for his salvation but was he really ready to make his final confession?

Molly Ford Croft recently retired from Georgia Tech, where she led the College of Engineering fundraising team. Molly then moved to Athens to join her partner Eric, a UGA professor in the
vet school. Molly has two children, both engineering grads from GA Tech who now live in CA (Ford in San Francisco and Morgan in Santa Monica). Molly owns a bright green 1993 Honda del Sol that she loves almost as much as Eric and her kids. Molly’s other loves include blowing
bubbles, flying kites, skipping, the Muppets, hula hoops, and breweries. 

Summary: Molly Ford Croft  decided not to sit around while her daughter and about a hundred other kids competed in a rock-climbing competition.

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