Our Mission:

Rabbit Box fosters the art of storytelling in Athens, Georgia, by providing a forum for people to share true stories from their lives

Rabbit Box provides a monthly storytelling series for the Athens area that aims to showcase the stunning diversity of the people who live here. In addition to making us laugh, weep, and marvel at the human spirit, these stories bring us closer to a common understanding, a deeper sense of history, and a shared community. Rabbit Box aims to democratize this process. Our storytellers are eclectic and grassroots, drawing from the talents of both amateurs and experienced performers. We invite everyone to speak and to listen as our collective story emerges.


The name “Rabbit Box” is a tribute to Athens songwriter/musician Vic Chesnutt (1964-2009) whose music is cherished worldwide. “Rabbit Box” is a song off his first album, “Little.” In Athens Vic is celebrated not only as a prolific, powerful and original artist but missed as good friend, collaborator and unique local character.

Rabbit Box was started in May of 2012 by local activist, writer and artist Marci White. The first event took place at Avid Bookshop. That first event generated a lot of enthusiasm and it was clear Rabbit Box would grow quickly. For the second event, Rabbit Box moved to the second floor of The Globe bar in downtown Athens. After several months of packing the house like sardines and turning many people away, the board decided a bigger venue was in order. Beginning in November of 2012, Rabbit Box has been held at The Melting Point, now known as The Foundry.

Rabbit Box is inspired by The Moth and other storytelling series around the country. We’re different from a Moth Slam in that:
– At Rabbit Box, it’s not a competition.
– Our time limit (8 minutes) is a little longer.
– People sign up ahead of time to tell stories rather than having their name drawn at the event. (The one exception to this rule is our “crackerjack surprise” storyteller whose name is drawn from the box at halftime for a short story.)

General Information

We meet on the second Wednesday of nearly every month at The Foundry, from 7 – 9 PM. Eight people tell their stories based around a given theme. Anyone can tell a story as long as they follow the guidelines.

Come as a storyteller or come as an audience member! If you’d like to tell a story please go here. And we offer free coaching if you’d like some assistance in shaping your story.

Something magical happens each time we get together!


Rabbit Box is run by volunteers. The board includes Connie Crawley, Andrea Wellnitz, Celest Ngeve, Elise Stangle, Nikaela Frederick, Pat Priest, and Sean Polite. Our director is Ellen Everitt.

People We’d Like to Thank

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens, the Globe, Avid Bookstore, Ben & Jerry’s Athens, Christina Ward, The Foundry, Sandy Creek Park, Randy Smith, Bart Lemahieu, Eleanor Davis, Rachel Bailey, Neal Priest, David Noah, Christopher Parsons, Ari Lieberman, Jan Turner, Nina Kelly, Ivan Sumner, Agatha Coggins, Jamie DeRevere, Kristen Smith, Melissa Harward, Jessica Magnarella, Earnest Thompson, Mary Whitehead, Heidi Ferreira, Matthew Epperson, Chad Whitley, and Mark Woods.

Contact Information

Email: rabbitboxstories@gmail.com

Rabbit Box Storytelling
P.O. Box 375
Athens GA, 30603-0375

Phone: (215) 272-7077