Rabbit Box is an Athens-based organization dedicated to creating community one story at a time. Rabbit Box is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. What this means to our audience is that your donations are tax deductible.

To give you a sense of our expenses: For any given show Rabbit Box has fixed costs like poster and program printing, drink and food for storytellers, venue, director and bookkeeping costs. We also have intermittent costs like video-recording, equipment purchases, and web hosting to maintain our online storytelling archive and podcasts. To supplement our paid work we also have a huge amount of volunteer labor (for which we are so grateful) for things like graphic design, email newsletter preparation, storyteller coaching, web design, social media, radio interviews, organizer meetings, photography, audio/web editing, postering, internet event listings and word-of-mouth promotions for our shows. All of these inputs are what keep Rabbit Box rolling, and it’s about a break-even financial proposition as it currently stands. In order to keep innovating, delivering even more on the mission of building community one story a time, and paying people for their hard work that sets the stage for the storytelling we’ve come to know and love —  it’s crucial for Rabbit Box to make more to do more.

We’re busily pursuing grants, but we believe soliciting donations from our audience is a great way to raise funds as well as giving people a way to say “I love what Rabbit Box is and does for Athens.”

Part of our mission is to continue to cultivate the art of storytelling among disenfranchised populations like Athens’ youth, elders, minorities, low-income people, and immigrants. For this we need more resources. The workshops and curated shows Rabbit Box brings to the community help to empower people, develop analytical skills in youth, reveal our history, help us draw more from our life experiences, and connect us one to another.Do you love what we do and want to help foster storytelling in Athens? Do you want to say “Yes!” to building community through storytelling? We appreciate your support!
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