February Show – Duets

February is a month for companionship, so bring a friend or partner to our February show, featuring duo storytelling. Come a bit early for a food truck dinner!

Get your tickets now by Venmoing us.

Happy Holidays + January Show

Happy holidays to you and yours!

We are off in December, but plan now to attend our January show, “Ready or Not.” You can purchase tickets any time by sending the money to our Venmo account @RabbitBox

Same details as usual, and come enjoy a food truck dinner beforehand!

We’ve got news!

Here are a few things the Rabbit Box board has prepared for you…

– New in Rabbit Box merch is a simple logo tote. Grab it at our next show for just $15.

– Headed to the show by yourself? Sit at the “Independents Unite!” table with a board member and others flying solo.

– We now have a “house storyteller” available each month from the board in order to keep the quality stories coming.

– We were pleased to see our partner, the Athens-Clarke County Library, win the Southeastern Library Association’s 2022 Outstanding Library Program Award for “One Book Athens: One Book, Many Stories!”

– Did you see our cover story in Flagpole as we celebrated our 10th anniversary?

Thanks for your support, Athens! We’ll see you on Oct 25 for “Undone” and Nov 22 for “Last Call”

October Show

Rabbit Box presents: “UNDONE”

October 25, 2022

7 pm – 9 pm

VFW on Sunset in Athens

Tickets are $10. Cash at the door or Venmo @rabbitboxstorytelling

Featuring: Kris Shultz as emcee

Storytellers include: Tom Kenyon, David Lockman, Doug Monroe, Charles Wilmoth, Freida Hammett, Molly Croft, and Mony Abrol.

Rabbit Box “Written Recollections” Special

Hello Rabbit Box Family! This is an online special we did last year in collaboration with the OLLI (Osher Life Long Learning Institute) Memoir Writing Group. This special features 7 Athens senior citizens who kindly share their personal stories with you, our virtual audience.

The storytellers are Charles Wilmoth, Jim Marshall, Kathleen Wright, Glenn Ames, DeAnne Wilmoth, Peggy Harrington, and Earnest Thompson.

Press the Play button, and prepare to be rewarded with a septet of unique, timeless tales, The effects of these 7 gems range from stoking the fires of your laughter, dousing your eager minds with suspense, infecting your person with childlike wonder, and possibly bursting the barriers to your tears with their solemnity. The charms of these stories are manifold, so take what time you need to enjoy them.

The burgeoning, brilliant partnership between Rabbit Box and OLLI and the seemingly serendipitous circumstance which led to this online special are integral to a great story all it’s own. You can read about that story and the bios of our storytellers by clicking HERE.

Keep a look out for our October “Lost & Found” show at the VFW, and know that we’re very excited to return to the public forum.

We’ve missed you all, and may this virtual show serve as a morsel to whet your appetite(s) for the next chapter of Rabbit Box. We hope that you’ll keep up with us, as we can’t do it without you, and invite others to take in our experience.

Please enjoy “Written Recollections”! (All Stories Recorded by Board Member Connie Crawley, The Special Hosted by Board Member Sean Polite)

Rabbit Box 2020 Written Recollections Special

Raise Money for Rabbit Box with your stories!

Rabbit Box is excited to announce that we have a donor who will donate $5 (up to $300) to Rabbit Box for every story (or artwork) that gets posted!

In this hard time when we’ll all holding our breath to see what the future holds, we know it’s hard to write a great story incorporating a beginning, middle and end when we don’t know how (or when) all this ends. We’re all anxiously moving through this time of grim news, a long period without handshakes, hugs, and dance lessons — and a bad-hair month on top of that. So we thought we’d encourage check-ins, too. You don’t have to have a fully fleshed-out story. Just tell us how you’re doing or provide a snapshot of life where you are in audio, video or print form. You can send a photo or other artwork, too. Let’s stay connected!